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Internal investigations

CSI Group provides professional complex investigation consulting services to organizations to resolve internal conflicts and identify and mitigate fraud or compliance risks. Organizations, both local and international, deploy CSI Group to conduct internal investigations, verify allegations of wrongdoing or covertly identify facts of misconduct, ensuring non-disruption of your employees and business daily routines. Additionally, we support internal auditors and lawyers requiring local expert assistance for their audit programs and collection of evidence for subsequent legal action.

Key focus areas:

  • Interviews, including specialized profiler interviews;
  • Assessment of Compliance with policies and procedures;
  • Internal controls evaluation;
  • Contracts and agreements review;
  • Financial and managerial accounting records;
  • Primary supporting documentation;
  • Suppliers integrity due diligence;
  • Electronic evidence discovery;
  • Etc.


The revolution of digitization and accelerating information transmission, fraud knows no boundaries.

Our team consists of international experts in different areas: Certified (ACCA) accountants and forensic experts (CFE), ex-BIG 4 and compliance specialists, intelligence, IT, retail banking risk management & ex-police forensic experts with extensive experience. We support internal audits and finance functions in multinational companies around the globe and performing both local and multi-jurisdiction independent reviews and investigations.

CSI Group can provide cost-effective and objective investigation to identify the evidence and authenticate the facts, evaluate implications and find appropriate remedial and recovery actions. Our team of specialized experts is available when you need them and guarantees rapid-response relocation globally, within 24 hours.

We are fully independent professional consultants, with no affiliation to any financial or industrial group, government related body or political alliance. We are fluent in multiple languages, with many years' experience in collection of evidence, which can be subsequently used both for internal purposes or in international litigation or arbitration.

Regulatory (FCPA, UK BA)

Operations in other jurisdictions always carry a higher risk, both from a business operational standpoint, and additionally from local culture recognition and regulatory compliance perspective. Having a profound understanding and experience of local specific and global businesses internal processes, CSI Group can provide effective granular assistance and guidance with compliance and regulatory due diligence and any other subject-matter support.

CSI Group can be deployed for FCPA and UK BA reviews in the event of:

  • Multinational companies without local presence in Russia, CIS or any other territory globally;
  • Multinational companies who require an independent review with deep local background experience and knowledge;
  • Periodic audits to ensure compliance with global polices and local legislation and regulations;
  • Entering into partnership, joint venture, merger or acquisition as an instrument to identify key risks and benefit from positively influencing the deal negotiations;
  • Regulatory or institutional requirements.

Emergency team

In the majority of fraud cases, time and speed of reaction is crucial to mitigate the risks properly and minimize losses and reputational impact.

CSI Group provides professional investigative support and complex solutions 24/7. Our team is ready to locate to the affected site in any jurisdiction within 24 hours of receiving an instruction. We have executed numerous projects which spanned multi-jurisdictions in parallel, to gather evidence effectively.

The faster you act, the more evidence you can obtain. The more evidence you can obtain, the stronger your position becomes. The stronger your position becomes, the more you reduce your losses and increase recovery opportunities.

Disputes and litigation support and Expert witness

CSI Group conducts sophisticated investigations and support for litigators who specialize in complex commercial matters, international arbitration and white-collar crimes.

We provide forensic support to lawyers in the following:

  • International litigations;
  • Cross-border investigations;
  • Asset tracing;
  • M&A deals;
  • Business restructuring;
  • Investments and fund raising;
  • Divorce and matrimonial cases;
  • Money laundering;
  • Defamation protection / Reputation recovery;
  • Intellectual property / brand protection.
Our team members are international reputable certified experts in the areas of forensics, accounting and IT, with experience of appearing in courts as expert witnesses, providing testimony to support the evidence identified during the investigation.

Fraud Investigations